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The 2016 English Rinks were held at Stanley Indoor Bowls on Sunday 27th March.

The competition was contested by 6 teams from Sunderland, 6 from Durham, 4 from Northumberland and 1 from Suffolk.

The Knockout Stages were highly competitive and made for good viewing. In the end four teams emerged as the Semi-Finalists, 2 from Sunderland, 1 from Northumberland, and 1 from Durham.

Durham's John Leonard team was too strong for Northumberland skipped by Tony Cuthbert, and Sunderland, skipped by Tommy Haram overcame the other Sunderland team skipped by Frank Froud.

The final was played at a good tempo with Durham taking two shots in the first end and three shotsoin the second. That was enough to see how the game was going to turn out with Durham coming out as worthy winners in the end.

John Leonard, Ian Clark, Steven Templeton & David Templeton

updated 28/03/16