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This year's championship was hosted by Norfolk CBA and held at Lynnsport, Kings Lynn.

A total of 30 teams took part, coming from as far away as Durham and Essex.

Although the play was challenging with the carpets laid on an indoor bowling surface eventually six mat winners and the two best runners up went through to the knockout rounds.

After hard fought quarter and semi finals the two emergent teams were Littleport from Cambridgeshire and Madjac from Essex.

An absolute thrilling final ensued with it being all square going into the fifth end, but at that point Madjac suddenly surged ahead to gain a 3 shot lead. Although Littleport fought back valiantly on the seventh end it proved to be too much of a tall order. Both teams had provided us with a thrilling finale to the day for those who had stayed on to watch.

The English Referee, David Storey, presented all the trophies and for those of you who are wondering ‘where on earth is Madjac?’ they are a team from Essex made up of two couples from two different clubs who play together in lots of tournaments and their name comes from a combination of their initials.

Chris Clark, Maxine Poulter, Joan Clark, Don Poulter (MADJAC)

Colin Wicks, Maureen Giddens, Barry Giddens and David Crance (Littleport)

Gill King, Graham Pearson, Bruce Saint, Eugene King (Folksworth)

Stephen, Matt, Doris and Peter Frost (Reepham Robins)

updated 23/04/13