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ECBA Carpet Bowls Festival 2022
Monday 9th to Friday 13th May

After an enforced 3 year wait imposed by the pandemic, we finally had the chance to return to Potters for the Festival. Those three years may seem like a long time, but once everyone was back, and bowling again, it felt like only yesterday that we were last here.

Naturally, numbers were down, with people unable to travel in from abroad, and some still understandably hesitant to mix in large numbers, and indeed with a few people going down with Covid there were a few last minute cancellations, as might have been expected.

Nonetheless, there were still around 100 players joining us to play in the Rinks, Pairs and Singles competitions across the week.


We started out on Tuesday with the Rinks group games. There were 5 groups, the winners of which automatically qualified for the Quarter Finals, to be played on Thursday. The remaining 3 teams for the last 8 would come from the group runners-up and the best 3rd placed team.

Group 1
The runaway winners were Jolly-Goodrich-Hobbs, who won all their games, and finished with 56 shots for and just 3 against. And while Clement-Gibbs-Crawley-Hansen suffered a huge loss (22-1) at the hands of the group winners in their first game, they went undefeated for the rest of the day, to finish runners-up on 6 points.

Group 2
While Clemmet-Newling-Cousins dominated the group, winning all their games quite comfortably, behind it was a case of everyone beating everyone else. Three teams finished up on 4 points, meaning that the coveted runner-up spot was decided on shots, with Masters-Smith-Daniels beating out the other teams by all of 7 shots.

Group 3
nearly finished the day with a perfect record, but in their final game dropped a point in their final game against Runnacles-Tuckey, who came into that game with a good chance of winning the group, but with a couple of ends to go didn’t even look like they were going to get the 5 shots that would see them through as runners-up, but they rallied at the end, picked up the shots they needed and then grabbed a point to seal the deal.

Group 4
The closest fought group saw three teams finish with three wins and one loss. First up were Campbell-Wilson-Laydon who finished with 42 shots, second place went to Agnew-Edmead-McNeil who nicked second place with a final win against Long-Reeve who might have won the group, but ended up being relegated to third by a single shot. However, their consolation was that they were clearly the best third placed team and so would still progress to the knockout stages

Group 5
came through their group games with maximum points, but only just managed to scrape a win against their closest rivals, Jones-Pullar who were comfortable runners-up.

Knockout Stages
Quarter Finals

Jim Goodrich, Sally Goodrich, Ally Hobbs & Neil Jolly
dropped 2 on the first end to Rosemary Knox, Gerald Sutton, Phyllis Sutton & Arthur Wingfield, but were very much back in the game with 5 on the second end. They extended that lead to 7-2, before Arthur’s team worked their way slowly back to within a shot going into the last end, but Neil’s team took that end decisively to win the game 10-6.

Sam Agnew, Trish Agnew, Lisa Edmead & Stuart McNeil started strongly with a 3 on the first end over David Clemmet, Angela Newling, Paul Cousins & Susan Cousins, and led the game the whole way through to an 8-3 victory.

Laurence Pullar, Sarah Pullar, Lavinia McGahan & Jenny Sanderson (the latter two standing because of illness) took the first 2 ends against Ann Butler, Michael Webb, Jim Greaves & Jan Webbley, to lead 3-0, but Michael’s team chipped their way back into the lead, before finishing their opponents off with a 3 on the last, to win 7-3.

Martin Campbell, Michael Laydon, Steven Wilson & Adam Wilson led from the start, and barely allowed Tom Runnacles, Pete Runnacles, Rita Runnacles & Neil Tuckey a look in, running out to a 10-2 win.

There wasn’t a huge amount between the two teams in the all-Suffolk clash involving the Jolly-Goodrich-Hobbs and Agnew-Edmead-McNeil teams, but it was the former of the two who edged out to a 5-0 lead after 5 ends, and although their opponents pulled back 2 on the 6th, the timer had run out.

It was 2-2 after 3 ends between Butler-Webb-Greaves-Webbley, and the Sunderland team of Campbell-Wilson-Layden, but the Northerners picked up 4 on the 4th end, after which they never looked back, finishing 8-3 winners.

Jim Goodrich, Sally Goodrich, Ally Hobbs & Neil Jolly (Suffolk)
v Martin Campbell, Steven Wilson, Adam Wilson & Michael Laydon (Sunderland)
End 1
- Neil’s team couldn’t quite find the pace of the carpet, while Michael’s team were just a little further up, and making a great start by picking up a 3.
End 2 - Not a lack of pace this time, but the jack is driven back, Michael holds and blocks with his last, 2 more to the Sunderland team, and they lead 5.
End 3 - Sally is on the jack with her first wood, and no one can do anything to either beat it or add to it. 5-1
End 4 - This time it’s Sally’s second wood which won’t be beat, Neil’s team take 2, and they’re getting back into the game, now only 5-3 down.
End 5 - A great start again from Sally, but this time a bit of good fortune from Adam takes shot away, and with his last Michael gets the touch he’s looking for to take 2, and re-extend the lead to. 7-3.
End 6 - Michael pushes one of his wood’s in to take shot with his first, and with his last Neil nearly gets a result, but instead the jack moves out, and he’s still one down. 8-3.
End 7 - Jim gets one in to hold, but it’s a long way from the 5 shots they need even to go to an extra end, and although Neil is able to get in with his final wood, it’s only 2, and the win goes to Michael’s team 8-5.

You can view the final here, with apologies for the quality of the footage.


The round robin games for the Pairs were played out on Wednesday, the winners of each of the ten groups would qualify for the last 16, and would be joined by the 6 winners of the preliminary round games between the runners-up and 2 best third placed teams.

Group 1
David & Margaret Long
won the group with a perfect 4 wins out of 4, while Gerald Sutton & Arthur Wingfield finished second with 3 wins and one loss.

Group 2
Lisa Edmead & Stuart McNeil
topped the group with 4 good wins, while Ann Butler & Michael Webb only recorded one loss, and finished in the runner-up spot.

Group 3
Rosemary Knox & Phyllis Sutton
went through as winners, with a perfect record, while, again second place went to a team on 6 points, Jim Greaves & Jan Webbley.

Group 4
There were two clear frontrunners here, so close that they could barely be separated. Angela Dowse & Marion Martin and Pete and Rita Runnacles drew against one another, and won the rest of their games, leaving them both on 7 points, and both having scored 27 shots, so the only thing left to differentiate them was shots against, and on that count Angela & Marion came out on top, having conceded just 11, to Pete & Rita’s 15.

Group 5
David Clemmet & Angela Newling
came away from their group with a maximum 8 points, while Michael Laydon & Adam Wilson had to settle for the runner-up spot, having lost their game against David & Angela.

Group 6
Neil Jolly & Jim Goodrich
secured the top spot in their group with 4 wins, while Kerr Clement & Maggie Gibbs came home in second with 3 wins out of 4.

Group 7
Way out in front of the group were Sally Goodrich & All Hobbs, who won their 4 games. The best anyone else could manage was 4 points, with Bill & Carole Reeve’s 35 shots allowing them to take second. But the other team to take 2 wins, Geoff & Pat Buttrum, secured enough shots to be the second best third placed team, by a single shot.

Group 8
Three teams all finished on 6 points, with Martin Campbell & Steven Wilson taking the group win courtesy of 31 shots scored, one better than Nick Wood & Neil West, leaving Jenny Collins & Josie Long in third, but their 6 points was more than enough to see them through as the best third placed team.

Group 9
Sue Bollins & Linda O’Brien
had a couple of close scrapes, but won all their games to top the group, while second best, having lost once, were Paul Daniels & Mike Walker.

Group 10
Mick Fisher & Ray Collins
took a clean sweep of their games to win the group, while Tom Runnacles & Neil Tuckey were runners-up with three wins and a loss.

Knockout Rounds
Quarter Finals

David & Margaret Long
started off by winning the first end, but sadly for them that was the only shot they'd score, as Lisa Edmead & Stuart McNeil won the rest of the ends to finish 9-1 winners, with an end to spare.

Rosemary Knox & Phyllis Sutton were off to a good start with 3 on the first end against Angela Dowse & Marion Martin. Despite Angela and Marion's best efforts, that lead never dropped below 2 shots, and Rosemary and Phyllis took a 6-4 win.

Having looked untouchable up to now, David Clemmet & Angela Newling ran into the brick wall that was Neil Jolly & Jim Goodrich. David & Angela couldn't get a look in, and Neil & Jim took the game 12-0.

Easily the closest game of the round was between Sally Goodrich & Ally Hobbs, and Martin Campbell & Steven Wilson, they won alternating ends, and ended up at 5-5, requiring a decider, which Martin & Steven took narrowly.

Lisa & Stuart
got off to an ideal start against Rosemary & Phyllis, and were 5-0 up with only 2 ends played. But it turned out there was plenty of life still in the game as Rosemary & Phyllis edged their way back into the game, to draw level with one end left, only for Lisa & Stuart nip the comeback at the last possible moment, taking 2, to win 7-5.

Having been the brickwall in the previous round, Neil & Jim now ran into one themselves, in the form of Martin & Steven. Neil & Jim could only win one end, and the game was over with an end to spare, Martin & Steven winning 10-1.

Lisa Edmead & Stuart McNeil (Suffolk)
v Martin Campbell & Steven Wilson (Sunderland)
End 1
- Steven moves the jack out with his first, but blocks himself with his second, and Stuart makes it 2.
End 2 - A very good start from Martin, but Lisa plays a perfect draw with her third, which will win the end. 3-0.
End 3 - A couple down, Stuart can afford to be on the bold side, gets a good result, and they take another one. 4-0.
End 4 - A relatively loose end leaves Stuart with an open draw for shot, Steven nearly gets it back but gives the opposition another one. 6-0.
End 5 - The jack gets pushed back, but with most on their woods in front, it's all Lisa & Stuart's territory. Steven cuts them down to one, but that's as good as it gets. 7-0
End 6 - Steven gets a good result with his second, to take shot, and adds another with his last. Steven & Martin are on the board, but with only one end to go it looks too late. 7-2
End 7 - It's all about managing the final end now, and Stuart does just that by moving the jack back, with his first, making the opposition's task impossible. It's left Martin & Steven with one shot, but they can't improve, and the game goes to Stuart & Lisa 7-3.

You can view the final here.


Quarter Finals
Michael Laydon v Paul Cousins

Paul got off to the better start, winning the first 2 ends, but Michael was in front after 4 ends. Down to the last end it was still only 4-3 to Michael, but he won that final end, finishing the 5-3 winner.

Sally Goodrich v Neil Jolly
Neil was 3-0 up after 2 ends, but Sally was off the mark on the next, and with 2 ends to go Neil had just a one shot advantage, at 4-3. But 2 on the penultimate end all but sealed the game for Neil, and he picked up the last end too, to win 7-3.

Sam Agnew v Steven Wilson
A good start for Sam, picking up 2 on the first end, but Steven won the next 4, to lead 5-2. Sam stopped the rot on the 6th end to go into the last only 2 down, but Steven made sure his opponent didn't get close, finishing 7-3 up.

Kay Masters v Phyllis Sutton
There was never much between the two ladies, with only one shot scored on each end, Kay took the first, but Phyllis relentlessly picked off the next five to finish the 5-1 winner.

Phyllis Sutton v Neil Jolly

Neil raced out to lead 4-0 after two, but having got it back to 4-3, Phyllis then dropped a maximum 4. She clawed 3 shots back over the remaining couple of ends, but the game had long since belonged to Neil, who finished the winner 8-6.

Steven Wilson v Michael Laydon
Not much in it over the first 4 ends, but with those played, Michael led 3-1 in the all Sunderland clash. However, the next 2 ends saw Steven draw level and then ahead, to lead 5-3 going into the last. Steven allowed Michaal one on the last end, but no more, as he took the game 5-4.

Steven Wilson v Neil Jolly
End 1
- A fairly tight start sees Steven pick up one.
End 2 - Steven puts the jack short and is immediately on the front of it, Neil can't break up the front to get in, and Steven takes 3. 4-0.
End 3 - The jack goes to halfway, resulting in several short woods. Neil reaches the jack first, and picks up 2, to get his start. 4-2.
End 4 - A good start for Neil, but Steven replaces Neil's best with his penultimate wood, and although Neil is in there with his last, Steven's best wood is jammed in for shot. 5-2.
End 5 - The jack is loose, but Steven drops right on it with his last to hold 2. Looking to move it, Neil is just under, manages to push his best wood out, and Steven gets all 4. 9-2.
End 6 - Back to a short jack, just to make life as hard as possible for Neil. Steven's first wood is just in front, after which he does what he needs to make sure Neil can't get the minimum 3 he needs to extend the game. That first shot remains in, and the game is over, 10-2 to Steven.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us, and congratulations to all the winners, particularly Steven Wilson, who made all three finals, and won the Singles and Rinks.

You can view the entire week's results here, and see photos of the Quarter Finalists, Semi-Finalists, Runners-Up and Winners here.