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The 2024 Eastern Counties Champions of Champions event were hosted by Bedfordshire at Littleport, on Sunday 12th May.

Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire all started off with wins, but only Cambridgeshire were able to repeat their victory, and so led the way after 2 games.

Cambridgeshire made it 3 out of 3, Hertfordshire won to go second, on 2 wins, while the rest had all won one game, and lost twice.

Cambridgeshire took on Herts in the penultimate game, and it looked like it was heading Cambridgeshire’s way, as they led 8-1 after 5 ends, but the last 4 ends saw the game flipped on its head as Herts racked up 12 shots to win 13-8. That left both teams on 6 points, with Cambridgeshire 4 shots to the good.

Herts were always ahead in their game, and went on to win, but Cambridgeshire had to come from behind against Bedfordshire to secure a narrow win, but it was enough to take the title, by those same 4 shots they had led by going into the final set of games.

Winners: Cambridgeshire (Jamie & Dawn Smith and Amy & Simon Missing)

Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire won both their opening games. And they both won again to make it 3 out of 3. No one else had won more than once, so already it was clear that the winners would be one of these two teams.

The 4th session saw Cambs and Herts taking one another on. Herts led 7-3 after 4 ends, but 2 eds later it was 12-7 to Cambridgeshire, who went on to win 13-10, giving them a 2 point lead, going into the last round of games.

Cambridgeshire lost that final game narrowly, but Hertfordshire could only muster a draw, which meant that Cambridgeshire took the title by one shot.

Winners: Cambridgeshire (David Clemmet, Angela Newling and Daniel Hayde)

Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire began with wins, and while Cambridgeshire lost their second, both Suffolk and Norfolk made it 2 wins out of 2.

Once again Suffolk and Norfolk both won to go to six points. No one else had done better than one win, so the title was going to come down to the game between the two of them.

While Suffolk came through their next game with a win, Norfolk suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Essex. That left Suffolk 2 points and 22 shots clear of Norfolk, who would be their final opponents.

As it was, Suffolk romped home to another convincing win, over Norfolk, finishing the day with 5 wins out of 5, and 4 points clear of runners-up Norfolk.

Winners: Suffolk (Andy Pooley & David Ford)

Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire won their first games, however only Cambridgeshire were unbeaten after 2 games, as the other two lost.

Cambridgeshire won their third game, Hertfordshire were on two wins, everyone else had won once.

The two leaders took one another on in the 4th session, and it finished in a draw, which left Cambridgeshire 2 points and 10 shots clear at the top, with a game to go.

Cambridgeshire fell to their first defeat in the final game, but although Herts won, they didn't manage to overcome that shot defecit, falling short by 8 shots.

Winner: Colin Wicks (Cambridgeshire)

Cambridgeshire took a clean sweep in the opening session, with Norfolk having dropped just one game.

After 2 sessions Cambridgeshire had lost only one game, they were 4 points clear of Norfolk, with Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire a further 2 points back.

3 sessions in, and Cambridgeshire still led by 4 points, but now it was Hertfordshire who had moved into second place.

Cambridgeshire stretched their lead out a little further after the fourth session, and now led by 6 points, with nothing but a complete collapse preventing them from taking the win.

And while they didn't collapse, they did stumble, a little, but it wasn't enough for them to lose the title, they finished on 28 points, 2 clear of Hertfordshire.

Winners: Cambridgeshire

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