Eastern Counties Carpet Bowls Association

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16 Apr 2023

Eastern Counties Championship Essex Littleport

14 May 2023

Champion of Champions Hertfordshire Littleport

01 Oct 2023

Team Bowl Cambridgeshire Littleport

2023/24 Season Fixtures

26 November 23

Essex v Suffolk

Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshire

Bedfordshire v Norfolk

10 December 23

Hertfordshire v Norfolk

Suffolk v Norfolk

Hertfordshire v Bedfordshire

21 January 24

Norfolk v Hertfordshire

Suffolk v Cambridgeshire

Bedfordshire v Essex

18 February 24

Hertfordshire v Suffolk

Essex v Norfolk

Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshire

17 March 24

Hertfordshire v Essex

Norfolk v Cambridgeshire

Bedfordshire v Suffolk

Designated Dates 2023 to 2029