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The 2019 Eastern Counties Champions of Champions event were hosted by Cambridgeshire on Sunday 12th May.

Suffolk won their first two games to take an early lead, with Cambridgeshire and Essex a point behind, both having drawn against Hertfordshire.

However that lead didn’t last for long as Suffolk fell to a heavy defeat at the hands of Hertfordshire while Cambridgeshire won to take the lead by one point over Suffolk and Herts.

Hertfordshire stayed undefeated but it was a third draw (all 7-7), this time against Norfolk, and it meant that they were leap- frogged by Suffolk who came from behind to edge out Cambridgeshire on the final end.

Going into the last session Suffolk were a point ahead of Herts but had a shot deficit and so would need to win. As it was they ran away to an 18-0 victory over Essex, finishing on 8 points, one ahead of Hertfordshire while Norfolk came through to finish third.

Winners: Suffolk (Neil & Keith Jolly and Paul & Mike Daniels)

Unfortunately one of the Bedfordshire players became unwell just before the final game was due to start. With no substitutions allowed the results of their games so far had to be deleted.

Norfolk were off to a strong start, winning their first two games while Cambridgeshire had won one and lost one.

As Norfolk beat Hertfordshire to make it three out of three Suffolk moved into second with a big win over Cambridgeshire.

Heading into their final game Norfolk held a two point lead which was just as well because after a good start they fell to an 8-7 loss to Cambridgeshire, although Suffolk also lost which left Norfolk on 6 points, Cambridgeshire on 5 and Suffolk and Essex on 4.

Winners: Norfolk (Stephen, Matt & Doris Frost)

Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire were both off to fliers, each with two strong wins.

It was the same for their third games, comfortable wins which put the two teams far enough ahead of everyone else that one of two were sure to take the title.

The next game then was going to be crucial, as the two faced one another. And it was Cambridgeshire who came out on top, winning 10-5 to put one hand on the trophy.

A draw would do it for Cambs in their final game, but as it was they took another win, their fifth to be the only team on the day to finish with a perfect record. Herts won their final game to finish in a comfortable second place, well ahead of Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Norfolk who all ended up on 4 points.

Winners: Cambridgeshire (Matt & Emma Thurley)

After the first 2 games Cambridgeshire were already 2 points clear of Suffolk, Herts, Beds and Norfolk.

They were still ahead as they took a third win with only Suffolk and Bedfordshire now within 2 points.

But it was all change in the fourth round of games as Suffolk beat Cambridgeshire to move ahead with a considerable shot advantage. Meanwhile Bedfordshire lost to fall out of contention.

Any win would do for Suffolk, but it was better than that, an emphatic win over Norfolk saw them finish on 8 points, 2 clear of Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

Winners: Suffolk (Sam Runnacles)

Cambridgeshire led from the very start and after 3 sessions they had a lead of 7 points over closest rivals Hertfordshire.

That lead was down to 4 points with one session to go, Suffolk now moving into second.

And although the lead was cut again in the final session Cambridgeshire hung on to win with 26 points, Suffolk finished on 24 and Hertfordshire on 22.

Winners: Cambridgeshire

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