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The 2017 Eastern Counties Champions of Champions event was hosted by Hertfordshire on Sunday 14th May.


The opening set of matches saw wins for Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire.

Hertfordshire were the only team to win their second game as they beat Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire lost to Norfolk. Suffolk recorded their first win in beating Essex.

Hertfordshire come from behind to beat Cambridgeshire to record their third straight win. Suffolk beat Bedfordshire to move on to four points and Essex won their first match in beating Norfolk.

Suffolk beat Norfolk to win their third straight game but still trailed Hertfordshire by two points as they won their fourth straight game against Essex. Cambridgeshire returned to winning ways with a win over Bedfordshire.

The title would be decided in the final session as Suffolk faced Hertfordshire knowing a win would hand them the title due to their superior shots. However, it was Hertfordshire who come out on top winning their fifth straight game and taking maximum points. Cambridgeshire beat Essex to push Suffolk down into third and Norfolk beat Bedfordshire to take fourth.

Winners: Hertfordshire (Sandra Gammage, Ron Hart, Rebecca Hearn & Craig Hearn)

It was Suffolk, Hertfordshire & Essex who got off to winning starts in their first matches.

Suffolk were the only team to win their second game as they beat Essex. Hertfordshire lost to Bedfordshire and Norfolk beat Cambridgeshire.

Suffolk continued their winning ways with a third straight win over Bedfordshire. Hertfordshire beat Cambridgeshire to move on to four points as did Norfolk who beat Essex.

Hertfordshire beat Essex to move on to six points but still trailed Suffolk as they won again this time against Norfolk. Bedfordshire defeated Cambridgeshire.

Moving into the final round of fixtures, Essex defeated Cambridgeshire and Norfolk beat Bedfordshire. The title would be decided between Suffolk and Hertfordshire. If Hertfordshire could win by a margin of two shots or more they would take the title. However, it was Suffolk that come out on top securing the title with their fifth straight win leaving Hertfordshire as runners up.

Winners: Suffolk (Clint Watling, Sam Runnacles & Tom Runnacles)

The first session saw wins for Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

In the second session Essex were beaten by Hertfordshire. Cambridgeshire and Suffolk recorded their second wins beating Bedfordshire & Norfolk respectively.

It looked like now being a two horse race as Suffolk beat Hertfordshire for their third straight win and Cambridgeshire did the same by beating Essex, this left these two teams’ four points clear of the pack. Bedfordshire got their first win in defeating Norfolk.

The crunch game in the fourth session would see the two leaders face off against each other. It was Cambridgeshire who come out on top to put themselves into a two point leading going into the final session. Hertfordshire beat Norfolk and Essex beat Bedfordshire.

Suffolk would need Cambridgeshire to lose to Norfolk (who had lost all of their games to date) and would also need to beat Essex. The door was opened for Suffolk as Norfolk did indeed pick up their first win of the day against the previously unbeaten Cambridgeshire. However, Suffolk could not take advantage as they were beaten by Essex.

Winners: Cambridgeshire (Sarah Pullar & Sue Jones)

The opening session saw wins for Hertfordshire, Essex & Suffolk.

Hertfordshire opened up an early two point advantage as they beat Essex. Suffolk lost to Norfolk and Cambridgeshire beat Bedfordshire.

The third session saw another win for Hertfordshire over Suffolk. Cambridgeshire won their second straight game over Essex and were the closest challengers to Herts. Bedfordshire won their first game in beating Norfolk.

Hertfordshire won their fourth straight game in beating Norfolk. Cambridgeshire kept their hopes alive with a narrow win over Suffolk. Bedfordshire beat Essex in the other game.

Going into the final session Hertfordshire knew a win or draw would be enough to take the title but defeat would open the door for Cambridgeshire (who had superior shots). Hertfordshire lost to Bedfordshire with the final wood of the game allowing Cambridgeshire to beat Norfolk and come through to pip them to the title.

Winner: Cambridgeshire (Paul Ellis)

From early on in the day it looked like being a two horse race as Hertfordshire & Suffolk got off to strong starts and were able to maintain that form throughout most of the day.

They were level on points when playing the 8th session but defeat for the Suffolk Singles & Pairs players meant Hertfordshire opened up a four point lead. The ninth and penultimate session would see the two teams face each other but with Suffolk winning the Triples and Hertfordshire the fours the four point cushion was maintained going into the final session. The Hertfordshire player lost their singles match but the pairs won to guarantee retaining the team title for Hertfordshire.

Winner: Hertfordshire

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Many thanks to Pete Cook for putting together the report and results.