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The 2016 Eastern Counties Champions of Champions event was hosted by Essex on Sunday 8th May.

The first set of games saw wins for Norfolk, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Norfolk were the only one of those teams to follow up with a second win. Meanwhile Suffolk and Bedfordshire opened up their accounts with wins. That left Norfolk with an early 2 point lead.

Cambridgeshire took their first win at the expense of Norfolk. Suffolk and Herts also won which meant that they, along with Norfolk were all tied on 4 points.

Those top three teams all won their fourth games which meant that with one game to go Norfolk, Suffolk and Herts were separated by just 6 shots.

With Suffolk and Norfolk playing one another, a close result would leave the door open for Herts. And indeed Hertfordshire recorded a 13-5 win. However Suffolk had their best result of the day with a 17-3 win over Norfolk.

That gave Suffolk the title as they finished on 8 points and 57 shots, 9 shots clear of Hertfordshire.

Winners: Suffolk (Mick & Shirley Watkins and Tom & Sam Runnacles)

Both Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire opened up with wins, while Hertfordshire and Suffolk played out a high scoring draw.

Only Suffolk were able to remain unbeaten after 2 games as they took their first win to go on to 3 points. Essex and Norfolk were also winners which meant that everyone had at least 1 point on the board.

It was another win for Suffolk which kept them at the top on 5 points. Cambridgeshire won to stay just 1 point behind, while Herts' first win brought them up from last to 3rd.

Suffolk recorded their first loss and with Herts winning again the two teams were tied at the top on 5 points and with Essex, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire all on 4 points, the title could go any one of 5 ways.

The final games saw Norfolk beat Suffolk, knocking them out of the running. Bedfordshire completed a third win to move on to six points. But that would only be good enough for the runner up spot as Herfordshire took an emphatic win over Essex to finish on 7 points and secure the title.

Winners: Hertfordshire (Peter, Marilyn & Mick Cook)


Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire all started with wins. Suffolk's win over Bedfordshire was the only win of the second session as the other 2 games were drawn. As a result Suffolk led Cambridgeshire by 1 point.

Suffolk and Cambridgshire won again and with Essex and Hertfordshire drawing, the former two teams were already well ahead of the rest.

The fourth round of games again saw wins for Suffolk and Cambridgeshire putting them on to 8 and 7 points respectively, meaning that the title would be settled in the final round in the game between the two teams.

Suffolk knew that a draw would be enough to take the title and going into the final end one down, with one wood still to bowl and holding one for the draw they settled for just that, leaving the final wood well short to be certain.

They finished on 9 points, 1 clear of runners-up Cambridgeshire.

Winners: Suffolk (Colin & Peter Fellingham)


Although the day started off with 6 players, Norfolk's representative became unwell after 3 games and as a result all of his results to date were scratched to ensure an even playing field for the remaining competitors.

Essex and Herfordshire both had wins in their opening games. And with Suffolk and Cambridgeshire winning in the second session, those four all had 2 points.

Wins for Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire moved them on to 4 points and put them clear of the rest.

Hertfordshire won again while Cambridgshire lost to Essex. However Herfordshire would have to sit out the final round of games and hope that the remaining games went the right way.

Essex's final game was lost which meant that Cambridgeshire only needed to win against Suffolk to take the title, which was what happened.

Cambridgeshire finished on 6 points and 41 shots, 6 shots better than Hertfordshire.

Winner: Cambridgeshire (Jamie Smith)


The team event was a close run affair and all came down to the final session. Hertfordshire went into the final set of games holding the slimmest of advantages, leading by just a single shot. However it was very much Suffolk's to lose as they had both a Singles and a Pairs game to play, while Herts were only playing in the Pairs, having already finished their Singles games.

However the Suffolk lost in the Singles, so it was all going to come down to the Pairs. And with Herts winning their game Suffolk needed to win to take the team title, but crucially they only needed to draw it to take the Pairs title. Sensibly they settled for a draw, not willing to risk losing the title with an unnecessary final wood.

Herfordshire it was then that took the title, finishing on 25 points, one ahead of Suffolk.

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