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The 2015 Eastern Counties Champions of Champions event was hosted by Suffolk on Sunday 10th May.

The third set of games was crucial to the outcome of event as the only 2 undefeated teams, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk took one another on.

Both teams had recorded good wins in their opening games so it looked as if their encounter would be close. The key would be getting the early woods in and holding on to what they had. The first couple of ends went to Cambridgeshire, but the next 3 went to Suffolk, getting them into the lead of the game which they controlled to win 6-4 and make them leaders by 2 points.

All Cambridgeshire could do now was to win, which they did (19-2 over Norfolk), and hope that Suffolk lost, which they did not (9-6 over Essex). That maintained the staus quo as they headed into the last set of games.

Cambridgeshire finished the day with another handsome win, 13-2 over Hertfordshire, while Suffolk were never in danger as they took a 11-6 win over Bedfordshire to finish with 5 wins out of 5, 2 points clear of Cambridgeshire.

Winners: Suffolk (Tom, Sam, Rita & Peter Runnacles)

With the event only 2 games old we already had a clear leader, in the form of Norfolk, while they had won both of their games everyone else had lost at least once. They maintained that lead with a win over Hertfordshire, while Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire made it 2 wins out of 3.

However Norfolk's run came to an end as they faced Cambridgeshire. Although they won the first end, after that they didn't get much of a look-in. Cambridgeshire took a comfortable 12-4 win and with Bedfordshire also winning we now had a 3-way lead, with Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk separated by just 2 shots.

Given the way the day had gone so far, with none of the contenders playing one another in the final session, it looked as if it was all going to come down to shots and it did. But not because they all won, but because they all lost. Remarkably the bottom 3 teams beat the top 3.

Cambridgeshire lost 5-8 to finish on 6 points and 38 shots. Bedfordshire lost 5-14 to finish on 6 points and 40 shots. And Norfolk lost 8-10 to finish on 6 points and 41 shots to win by just a single shot.

Winners: Norfolk (Mike & Val Bond and Mick Fisher)

Hertfordshire and Suffolk were off to the best starts, each making it 2 wins out of 2.

And it was the same story in the next round as they both recorded relatively comfortable wins, although both of them had to come from behind in order to do so. It looked very much as though it was all going to come down to a showdown between the two teams, scheduled for the end of the day.

Unfortunately at this stage Craig (Herts) was take ill and had to withdraw from the event which meant their results being scratched. This left Suffolk two points clear at the top.

The top two remaining teams, Suffolk and Norfolk, cam up against one another in a crucial game. It would be Suffolk's final game, due to the loss of the Hertfordshire team, but Norfolk still had one to play. However such was Norfolk's shot advantage that a win for them would give them the title.

As it was Suffolk took the win (11-6) and the title, with 4 wins out of 4, fully 4 points clear of Norfolk and Bedfordshire.

Winners: Suffolk (Andy Pooley & David O'Brien)

Early on it was already clear that it was going to be a three horse race, with Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire each winning their first 2 games, effectively knocking the other three out of the running.

The first big clash of the day came as Hertfordshire faced Cambridgeshire. And it was as close a game as you might imagine. The first 2 ends went to Cambridgeshire, but it was soon level and after that there was nothing in it. However Herts did enough to edge the last couple of ends to take a 7-5 lead. Essex also won to retain the joint lead.

Shock ahoy! As Bedfordshire took the narrowest of wins (7-6) over Cambridgeshire. Meanwhile in the clash between the two leaders, a strong middle part of the game saw Essex take a very good win over Hertfordshire (9-5) to go clear at the top with a game to go. A draw would be enough in the final game, to take the title.

But the game, against Cambridgeshire, started badly. It was five ends before he broke his duck, and by which time he was already 7-0 down, and yet he pulled it all back to 7-7, going into the last end, only to be edged out to lose 7-8. That brought Hertfordshire back into the fight, if he could win and get enough shots. And he managed the first part of the equation, but not the last, winning 10-6, but finishing 3 shots short.

Winner: Essex (Trevor Holbrow)

It was Hertfordshire who held the lead in the first half of the day, with good showings from their Pair and Single. However halfway through Craig was taken ill which resulted in their Pair having to be withdrawn and consequently their results had to be scratched, effectively dropping them out of the running.

That left Suffolk on 14 points, 2 ahead of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Hertfordshire.

After that the hosts began to edge away from the rest, finally finishing on 26 points, with Cambridgeshire finishing second on 22 points.

However a special mention should be reserved for Hertfordshire who finished third on 18 points, without any contribution from the Pair who had to withdraw, and given that they had taken 3 wins out of 3 at that point it is entirely possible that Herts would have taken the team title.

Winners: Suffolk

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