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Champion of Champions 2013

The 2013 ECBA Champion of Champions event was held over the weekend of 8th-9th June at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool.

Essex led for the majority of the first day, having taken a crucial win over Sunderland in the first game of the day and then being the only player to take 3 wins out of 3. But a loss to Hertfordshire in the final round of the day saw Saturday end with Sunderland, Essex and Hertfordshire all tied on 6 points.

Of the 3 overnight leaders only Sunderland's Martin Campbell was able to win all 3 of Sunday's games which left him with a 2 point winning margin as he retained his title.

Winner: Martin Campbell (Sunderland)

While everyone else struggled for consistency Durham took control of the Pairs. They took the lead after 2 games and extended that lead with each successive round, finishing the day with 4 wins out of 4 and with a substantial 3 point advantage over their nearest rivals Cambridgeshire.

Despite starting Sunday off with a loss against Suffolk, Durham were able to maintain their single point advantage throughout the rest of the day to take the win.

Winners: Carl Pearson & David Storey (Durham)

Suffolk were the only team to garner a 100% record from Saturday's games, but with Sunderland and Northumberland just 2 points behind they still had to maintain that pace if they were to take the title, particularly because they would need to play both of their nearest rivals on Sunday.

However another perfect set of results on Sunday saw Suffolk secure the title with a game still to be played, finishing as the only team across any of the disciplines to win all of their games.

Winners: Sue & Andy Gilder and Neil Jolly (Suffolk)

At the conclusion of Saturday's games it seemed clear that this was going to be a 2 horse race. Two teams had come through the day unbeaten, but while Cambridgeshire had taken wins in all 4 of their games, Durham had dropped a single point. And with the two teams due to play each other in the final round of the event it looked as if the fate of the title was going to go all the way to the wire.

However, while Cambridgeshire carried on their winning ways, Durham suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Hertfordshire. That meant that even their final round victory over Cambridgeshire was immaterial as their opponents already had the title secured.

Winners: Emma, Lesley, Ged & Matthew Thurley (Cambridgeshire)

At no point in Saturday's play did any team have more than a 2 point lead and several teams all took their turn at the top at one time or another. But the one constant was Sunderland who were always there or there abouts. And they were the team that ended up on top after Saturday. However it was only but a single point, ahead of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Durham.

And Sunday's play went much the same way, with no team able to gain a signifcant lead at any time. As it was, it all came down to the wire with Sunderland just hanging on to win by a mere 24 shots over Suffolk with whom they were tied on points.

You can find a full set of results here.

updated 10/06/13