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Bedfordshire Pairs 2017/18

Sunday 7th January saw 32 pairs take to the mats at Barton to see who would be Pairs Champions.

There were 8 groups of 4 playing with the Group Winners to go through to the Quarter Finals.

Group A
The mixed pair of Nathan Salvidge and Mathew Hatton went through with a draw and win after a team was lost when a player failed to turn up resulting in a bye in the group .

Group B
This was dominated by the Turvey pair of Keith Cockings and Andrew Hatton with 3 decent wins they took the group.

Group C
After a close first game the Arthur Rosie and John O'Brien pair sailed through unbeaten.

Group D
Susan and George Savage
were never in trouble in the 3 games unbeaten scoring 46 shots in the process.

Group E
This was closer after the Carol and Tom Still sat on 4pts they had to wait to see if Paul Hurren and Mick Rogers could win their final game to get level on points and win on shot difference, which they did.

Group F
Another close group but after losing their first game Jim Edwards and Dave Whitfield took the group with two wins.

Group G
This group looked close and so it was Sue and Tony Meredith had 4pts so did Peter Crump and Jan Webbley so it was count up time. And it turned out that they were level on shots for, against and difference, so a one end shoot-out was needed which the Crump/Webbley pair took on a very close end.

Group H
Trevor Tumber and Gill Whitfield
were in charge in the group, although it wasn't always comfortable, with some narrow wins, but they did go through unbeaten.

Quarter Finals
Mathew Hatton/Nathan Salvidge
v Paul Hurren/Mick Rogers
Battle of the young and old here saw them tied at 5-5 but a decisive 3 shots to Hurren/Rogers saw them ease away and despite their opponents best efforts they recorded a 10-8 victory.

John O'Brien/Arthur Rosie v JanWebbley/Peter Crump
This match was nip and tuck until the whistle went when they were 5-5, but a 5 on the final end saw O'Brien/Rosie take the game.

Susan and George Savage v Gill Whitfield/Trevor Tumber
The Savage pair romped to victory in this with a resounding 17-2 scoreline.

Jim Edwards/Dave Whitfield v Keith Cockings/Andrew Hatton
The Cockings/Hatton pair eased to a 5-0 lead only to see it pegged back to level. The game changed when Dave tried to draw a 2nd but flicked the jack to go 2 down, a lead they couldn’t recover with Cockings/Hatton winning 10-8.

Susan and George Savage
v John O'Brien/Arthur Rosie
Again the Savage pair seemed in the groove 5-0 up after 3 ends but two ends later they were level at 5-5. The Savages then regained the lead and despite O'Brien/Rosie's best efforts a pair of 2s saw the Savages go through 10-5.

Paul Hurren/Mick Rogers v Keith Cockings/Andrew Hatton
This was going to be tight as the Turvey quartet know each other so well. After 4 ends Hurren/Rogers had slipped 7-3 down but by the 6th end it was 8-5 to Cockings/Hatton. The match was as tight as the bowling from all four players. As the timer went Cockings/Hatton were 1 down leading 8-7, they tried to move the shot, knowing an extra end would result if they missed it 8-8. The extra was as close too but an excellent draw by Mick saw Andrew needing to hit the head, and although he did he was still 1 down. 9-8 to Hurren/Rogers.

Paul Hurren/Mick Rogers (Turvey)
v Susan and George Savage (Clophill)
As time was pressing both teams agreed to play 7 ends in the final. The Turvey duo were out of blocks in a flash and and after 4 ends were 10-0 up. The 5th saw them pick 2 more shots up so it was a near impossible they would loose two 6s on the last two ends. George tried but to no avail.

Well done Paul and Mick on winning on the day. Thanks to all who took part in a fantastic days bowling and to all who stayed to the end and helped clear away.

Bedfordshire Singles 2017/18

Sunday saw 50 entries into the Singles at Barton Le Clay. They were drawn into 10 groups of 5 with the winners and 6 best runners-up to go through.

Group A
Melvyn Baynes
led the way in this group winning with 6pts but with three tied on 4pts in they would have to wait on other results.

Group B
Viv Routh
led way unbeaten on 8pts with again three tied on 4pts hoping for a runner-up spot.

Group C
Mark Walker pipped Andrew Hatton to the group win by 3 shots as they both tied on 5pts.

Group D
Carol Still
and Paul Hurren were both unbeaten but the game between them saw Carol win 6-4 to take the group win although with 6pts Paul should qualify too.

Group E
Pete Bol
and Pauline Baynes led the way but Pete beat Pauline to win group, but both should progress to the Knockout Rounds.

Group F
Nathan Salvidge
won the group with 3 wins and a draw to leave George Savage in the runner-up spot.

Group G
Geoff Buttrum
and Arthur Rosie were tied on 5pts and finished their games only to see Ann Speake win her last game to jump them on6 pts.

Group H
Leslie Nunn
and Dave Dewy led the way until they met and Dave won 6-3 to take the group win.

Group I
Last years winner Neil Rixon was in control of the group but his final game saw David Whitfield take a 5-3 win to nick the group win from Neil.

Group J
Keith Cockings
won the group with 8pts after filling in for the ill Liz Morrison.

Knockout Stages
First Round
Melvyn Baynes
5-1 David Whitfield
Viv Routh 5-4 Keith Cockings
Mark Walker 2-8 Neil Rixon
Carol Still 1-6 Paul Hurren
Pete Bol 1-7 Leslie Nunn
Nathan Salvidge
7-2 Pauline Baynes
Ann Speake 7-1 George Savage
Dave Dewy 1-10 Andrew Hatton

Quarter Finals

Melvyn Baynes 5-8 Leslie Nunn
Viv Routh 5-6 Nathan Salvidge
Neil Rixon
6-4 Ann Speake
Paul Hurren 2-10 Andrew Hatton

Leslie Nunn
4-7 Nathan Salvidge
Nathan edged into an early lead 4-0 but a 3 on the third end got Leslie into the match then a single levelled it up but Nathan then took 3 singles to win 7-4.

Neil Rixon 5-4 Andrew Hatton
This was very close and after 5 ends it was 3-3. Andrew picks a single up on the 6th end to lead. Neil holds a shot with the last wood of the game in his hand, are we going to an extra end? A super draw in sees him take 2 shots to win.

Neil Rixon (Barton) v Nathan Salvidge (Clophill)
End 1 - Nathan is in a bit of trouble 4 down but runs his final wood into the head to split it saving 3 shots, 1-0.
End 2 - I'ts blow for blow as each takes shot and Nathan has a single after his final wood, 1-1.
End 3 - Neil is in on the jack to take a single Nathan just misses with his last, 2-1.
End 4 - Neil is once again tight to the jack with his lead wood to take a single, 3-1.
End 5 - Nathan tries to open the head only to see jack roll to Neil's back wood, 4-1.
End 6 - Neil looks in control holding 2 but again Nathan rescues the situation with his last wood to take a single, 4-2.
End 7 - Nathan is close this end and holds 2. Neil springs the jack to hold with his third then blocks with his final wood leaving no shot for Nathan, 5-2.
End 8 - The jack is pushed towards the end of the mat, it’s a very close measure for shot. Nathan has a draw on to the jack to take 2 but his wood is just wide and tips Neil in for shot 6-2.
End 9 - With Nathan needing a full house Neil draws close to take the game with a 2 and win 8 -2.

Well done to both was a magnificent final. Congratulations to Nathan in his first competition since returning from college and to Neil on retaining his title from last year which is no mean feat.

Finally, the raffle on the day was rasing money for The Stroke Association and along with George Savage's money from the Isle of Wight £325 will be donated.