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Bedfordshire Fours 2015/16

Sunday 3rd April saw 18 Fours taking part in the County Competition at Barton le Clay.

The teams were put into groups of 6 with the group winners and best runner-up going into the semi-finals.

Group A
At the half way point in this group H Ball (Colmworth) and G Buttrum (Cotton End) led the way on 6 points. With all the others beating each other it was a case of which of them would win the group, with the two teams having to play one another in their final group match. H Ball eventually took the win to finish on 10 points leaving G Buttrum having to wait on the other groups on 8 pts.

Group B
This one was close after three rounds. V Brodie (Slip End) was leading the way on 6 pts, from M Dowse (Ravensden) on 5 pts. Unfortunately the V Brodie rink withered with two losses while the M Dowse rink won their 4th game leaving them to play P Baynes (Cople), both knowing a win would secure the group. Ravensden won 13-3 and left G Savage as runner up on 6pts and a better shot difference.

Group C
This was the tightest group. After 4 sessions N Rixon (Barton) and D Whitfield (Toddington) were tied on 6 points and they would be playing each other in the last game. In the winner takes all gane it was Toddington who eased away to a 10-5 victory.

D Whitfield (Toddington) v G Buttrum (Cotton End)

After sharing the first four ends, Cotton End had a 4-3 lead and with them taking a 2 then a single they led 7-3 going into the last end. Could Toddington find 4 shots? Alas no, as Cotton End pick up 2 more to win 9-3.
H Ball (Colmworth) v M Dowse (Ravensden)
This game looked all over after two ends as Colmworth romped away to an 8-0 lead. But the Ravensden rink were not phased and picked up a 2 then a 4 to be just 8-6 down with two ends to play. The sixth saw them pick up a single to make it 8-7 and all to play for. As both skips went to play it's Ravensden who hold a single but the bowls are split on each side of mat so a touch on the jack would spell disaster. And so it proved as Colmworth push the jack the wrong way, handing 4 shots to Ravensden who take match 11-8.

Ravensden (Angela Dowse,Yvonne Potter, Marion Martin & Mike Dowse) v Cotton End (Robert Macdonald, Martyn Macdonald, Sue Macdonald & Geoff Buttrum)
End 1 - Robert is close with his first wood as Cotton End settle fast and take a 4 shot lead. 4-0.
End 2 - Martyn moves the jack back to see Ravensden hold 2 shots. The skips can't alter the head and Cotton End lead 4-2.
End 3 - With both teams settled the jack gets pinned between two woods. Neither Geoff or Mike can hit it and a dead end results. 4-2 to Cotten End.
End 4 - This end resembles a muck spreading contest with bowls everywhere and with the jack again on the end of mat the inevitable happens as Mike takes it off. Cotton End now lead 6-2.
End 5 - Cotton End hold 3 as Sue moves the jack through only to see an excellent draw from Mike nick a single Cotton End 6-3 .
End 6 - Yvonne catches the jack and it moves to the side of mat in an awkward place. Geoff runs a bowl in and it needs a measure but they get 2. Cotton End 8-3.
End 7 - Cotton End hold 4 as Mike plays and manages to cut it to a single. 9-3 to Cotton End.
End 8 - The Ravensden number 2 Yvonne nails the jack only to see it removed as the jack is again on the end of mat. Despite the skip's best efforts Cotton end take 2. It's now 11-3.
End 9 - A miracle is needed here by Ravensden to get a full 8. As the end develops there is an opportunity as they have all six woods in a good position but they are two down. Mike attempts to move the jack, he hits it but it stays with the Cotton End woods and they lose a 4.15-3 to Cotton End.

Well done to Cotton End, certainly the most consistent rink on the day and well done to Ravensden in their first County Competition.

A special mention to all who stayed to watch the final. There were more than 50 people, certainly adding to the atmosphere of another excellent day.

Robert Macdonald, Martyn Macdonald,
Sue Macdonald & Geoff Buttrum

Angela Dowse,Yvonne Potter,
Marion Martin & Mike Dowse

Bedfordshire Triples 2015/16

Sunday 6th March saw 21 Triples take part at Barton Le Clay with 3 groups of 5 and 1 of 6 and the top two from each qualifying for Knockout Stages.

Group A
This group looked strong but with a late withdrawal it was down to just 4 teams. The defending champions G Savage (Clophill) sailed through unbeaten and with N Rixon (Barton) only losing to Clophill, they both progressed.

Group B
K Cockings (Turvey)
ran through all four of their games to sit top on 8 points but with all the others tripping over each other the final game would decide runner up spot with C Still (Barton) playing A Speake (Clophill). And it was the Barton team who won 7-6 to go through on 4 points.

Group C
This was a close group at the halfway point. Four teams had one win each, then a drawn game allowed P Baynes (Cople) to head the group. It was all going to the last game to decide the runner-up spot.
H Ball (Colmworth) was on 5 points but could be caught by T Meredith (Clophill) if they could get past P Crump (Maulden) who had not won a game. But in the great tradition of these things Maulden romped to 13 -1 win and put Colmworth through.

Group D
This was a 6 team group but with a withdrawn team was down to 5. The group was dominated by M Rogers (Turvey) and D Walker (Mixed) and was decided by the final game between the two teams. Turvey took a narrow 7-6 win to top the group on 10 points leaving the Mixed team as runners-up.

G Savage (Clophill) v D Walker (Mixed)

Two strong teams meant this game was always going to be a close one. And so it was, with Clophill taking a single on the last end to draw level at 6-6, it meant that an extra end was required.
With the jack pushed to the corner D Walker had last bowl of the game and room to draw, but unfortunately he stopped on his opponent's shot wood, so Clophill were into the Semi-Final.
K Cockings (Turvey) v H Ball (Colmworth)
Turvey were trailing after 4 ends at 1-4 but a 3 saw them level then another 3 on the 5th end gave them a 7-4 lead. Colmworth took a single on the 6th end to go into the last 5-7 down. They then piled 3 into the head which despite the Turvey skip's best efforts were not moving, that left Colmworth with 4 shots to snatch a 9-7 win.
P Baynes (Cople) v C Still (Barton)
Barton were off to a flyer with a 5 on the first followed by 4 shots on the second. Cople won the third end, but with just a single, but it was another 2 to Barton on the fourth. After that there was no way back for Cople and the match was over after 6 ends with Barton wining 13-2.
M Rogers (Turvey) v N Rixon (Barton)
The two teams were trading shots for the first 5 ends at which point Turvey had a narrow 4-3 lead. The 6th end saw Barton regain the lead with 2 shots only for Turvey to pick up 3 shots on the final end to snatch a 7-5 victory.

G Savage (Clophill) v H Ball(Colmworth)

Clophill are off and away in this game, leading 8-2 after 4 ends, but Colmworth rally and pick 3 up on the 5th end to give themselves a chance. But a decisive 2 to Clophill means Colmworth need 5 on the last to tie, but that never looks likely and Clophill win 10-5.
C Still (Barton) v M Rogers (Turvey)
After 3 ends its 4-4 as the two teams trade shots, but that was all the shots thaty Barton could muster as Turvey eased away with 6 consecutive shots to win 10-4.

Susan Savage, Eileen Palmer & George Savage (Clophill) v Jenny Skoines, Paul Hurren & Mick Rogers (Turvey)
End 1 - 3 decent bowls by Clophill means they hold as the skips come to play. Mick slides his first by as he attempts to move the jack but with George unable to block the line he nicks the jack with his last wood to go from 3 down to 3 up, 0-3.
End 2 -The leads are wayward but Paul draws in a single (despite the moan of Rubbish as he let it go). Eileen then moves it close so it's a measure now. Mick takes shot only to see George ease it back to his own, 1-3.
End 3 - The leads are closer but Paul again takes 3 out to hold, but two decent draws from George sees 2 shots to Clophill. All square at 3-3.
End 4 - Sue nails the jack only to see Jenny beat it and Paul add a 2nd which is then beaten by Eileen and then George adds second. Mick hits the front bowl and then with his last cuts it down to a single, 4-3.
End 5 - A wild end this, with bowls all over the place but Paul finds it with his 2nd to hold. George slides his first past then Mick springs the jack while trying to get close. George pounces can Mick beat it? He draws in to a cry of ‘’that’s close’’. It needs a measure but it's 1 more to Clophill, 5-3.
End 6 - With the Skips to play Mick holds 3 but George pushes it out to hold 1 and a measure and as they take 2 more shots and move to 7-3 up.
End 7 - This was again a wild end but with the skips to go Turvey hold. But once again George is into the jack, taking another one, 8-3.
End 8 - Both leads tip and tap the jack towards the back of the mat, Mick clips the jack but it stays with the Clophill wood. George then picks up the jack, taking 3 to give them the match and the trophy 10-3, retaining the title for the second year running.

A great final and well done to Clophill.

Susan Savage, Eileen Palmer
& George Savage

Jenny Skoines, Paul Hurren
& Mick Rogers

Bedfordshire Pairs 2015/16

Sunday 10th of January saw 35 pairs take part in the County Championship at Barton le Clay.

The entries were drawn into 7 groups of five with only the group winners and the best runner-up to go through.

Group A
After 3 games the Maulden pair skipped by N Salvidge led the way closely followed by A Speake on 4 points, so the final games would be decisive. Although the Maulden pair lost to D Mitchell, their better shot difference put them through as group winners.

Group B
This was close at the halfway point with P Crump (Maulden) and P Hurren (Turvey) level on 3 points each. As the matches went on P Hurren lost his third game but with P Crump and A Rosie (Toddington) both winning it was anyone's to win. However P Crump won their last game to go through with 7 points with A Rosie claiming 2nd on 6 points.

Group C
This group was close with wins and draws keeping all interested. P Lovell (Clophill) were leading on 5 points with M Rogers (Turvey) on 3. P Lovell lost his game opening the door for M Rogers but they too fell at the last seeing P Lovell progress on with 5 points.

Group D
This was dominated by D Whitfield (Toddington) who had two wins at halfway with all the others wining 1 each they romped to two more wins and 8 points.

Group E
This was a tough group on paper, with 5 very good pairs. But as it turned out it was decided on the first game as G Savage (Clophill) beat H Ball (Colmworth) 12-2 and with both pairs winning their next 3 games G Savage won the group on 8 points.

Group F
This was again a group dominated by one pair with K Cockings (Turvey) who went through undefeated on 8 points.

Group G
This was closest group of the day with all in contention. With one game to play between P Bol (Colmworth) and E Palmer (Clophill) whoever won the match would take the group on 5 points and it was the P Bol pair who eased to an 11-2 win to progress.

The seven winners were joined in the quarter finals by A Rosie (Toddington) who had 6points and +22 shots.

Quarter Finals
N Salvidge (Maulden) v G Savage (Clophill)

The Maulden pair had a 4-0 lead after 3 ends but a 4 from Clophill saw it all square. A 2 gave Maulden a two shot lead and a single saw Clophill one down on last end, but Maulden take a final 1 to oust the reigning champions 7-5.
P Crump (Maulden) v K Cockings (Turvey)
This match went to and fro from start and as the sixth end finished it was 4-4. Who could hold their nerve on the last end? It is he Turvey pair who start well and take a 5 to win 9-4.
P Lovell (Clophill) v P Bol (Colmworth)
The Colmworth pair eased into a 7-1 lead after 4 ends but, despite Clophill picking up 3 shots on the next two ends, a final 2 to Colmworth saw them win 9-4.
D Whitfield (Toddington) v A Rosie (Toddington)
The Whitfield pair struggled on a tricky mat and saw their club mates ease away to an 8-2 victory.

N Salvidge (Maulden) v K Cockings (Turvey)

The Maulden duo were away early in this game, helped a little by the Turvey skip as they took an 8-0 lead by end 3. Despite the best efforts of the Turvey pair they were never in the game, Maulden winning 9-5.
P Bol (Colmworth) v A Rosie (Toddington)
This match was close and with time ticking away the whistle went on the 6th end, Toddington having picked 2 shots up to go 4-4, so a decisive final end was needed. And the Colmworth pair nick a 1 to go through 5-4.

Daniel Walker & Nathan Salvidge (Maulden) v Brenda & Peter Bol (Colmworth)
End 1 - Brenda chips the jack to the corner of the mat and despite a good effort from Nathan the Colmworth pair take a 2-0 lead.
End 2 - After both leads have played Colmworth hold 2 its never beaten and so it's 4-0.
End 3 - Daniel is now leading well to hold two. Nathan makes it 3 and has the final wood this end, will he or won't he? is muttered around hall. He tries to draw a 4th but it's a disaster as he is slightly overweight and off goes the jack towards 2 Colmworth woods, OHHHHHHHHH they loose a single, 5-0.
End 4 - Daniel has two wayward woods allowing Brenda 3 close ones. He tries to open the head only to see the jack sail off. 7-0
End 5 - Its closer this time. Peter is 2 down but a lovely last wood takes the shot out and sits in for a single, 8-0.
End 6 - The Maulden boys need something this end and Nathan does what was done to him on the previous end, taking out Peter's final bowl to take 2 shots, 8-2.
End 7 - The final end saw the leads trade shots. A full house looks unlikely but Nathan manges to take 3, 8-5.

Well done to Brenda and Peter Bol on their win. It was another good final and certainly not the last one for the Maulden pair.
Congratulations to Peter and Brenda who will now represent Bedfordshire at the Champion of Champions.

Brenda & Peter Bol

Daniel Walker & Nathan Salvidge

Bedfordshire Singles 2015/16

The County Singles took place on Sunday 1st November at Barton le Clay. The forty entries were drawn into 8 groups of 5 with only the winners of each group to progress to the Quarter Finals.

The draw produced some tough looking groups.
Group A
This was dominated by Ann Denton who was undefeated in her 4 games with the others all losing two each she went through comfortably.
Group B
Martyn Macdonald had two wins half way through and a decisive draw with Brenda Bol was to give him the group win. With Brenda having lost a game, Martyn had 7 points after a final win.
Group C
This was a close group with everyone still in it at the halfway point. While Neil Rixon lost his final game the others all had a chance, but no one could quite get a win as both matches were draws. Robert Macdonald and Arthur Rosie were tied on 5 points each so shots were going to decide it, and it was Arthur who went through by just 4 shots.
Group D
Geoff Buttrum was on form here, three wins and a draw saw him through although Peter Crump and Melvyn Baynes pushed him all the way.
Group E
This was decided on the game between Lesley Nunn and Keith Cockings both undefeated after two games. Keith out drew Lesley and went through with 4 wins after a final 6-5 win over Mike Walker.
Group F
Another tight group saw Pauline Baynes leading the way with 3 wins but she was being chased by Jim Richardson and the final game saw them play each other. Jim needed to win, which he did, but not by enough shots and Pauline progressed by 3 shots.
Group G
This was a nail biter as Andrew Hatton had to watch the final game between Pete Lovell and Trevor Tumber. Andrew had 2 wins and 2 draws but Trevor was on 5 points and chasing, but two really close last ends saw Pete come from behind to win 6-5 and give Andrew the group win.
Group H
Mark Walker and Mick Rogers were both in charge of this group until Mark beat Mick and went through with 8 points.

Quarter Finals
Game 1: Geoff Buttrum v Mark Walker

This match went to and fro for the first four ends as Geoff went 6-4 up, but a decisive 2 and 3 saw him take the game 11-4
Game 2: Arthur Rosie v Andrew Hatton
Andrew takes 3 singles on the first three ends but after 5 ends a pair of 2s sees Arthur in front. Another 2 for Arthur and he has a 6-3 lead with the last end to play. Andrew has a chance with his last wood to pick up 3 or 4 as it lays, unfortunately he can't move it far enough and loses another single. 7-3 to Arthur.
Game 3: Martyn Macdonald v Pauline Baynes
Martyn shoots out into a 7-0 lead after 4 ends and despite all of Paulines effort two singles were not enough and Martyn wins 7-2.
Game 4: Ann Denton v Keith Cockings
A disaster for Ann on the first end sees Keith take a 4, then a 1 to go 5-0 up. Ann takes 2 on the third only to lose a 3 on the next. With Keith 10-2 up Ann needs two 4s to tie but only manages a 3. 10-5 to Keith.

Arthur Rosie v Geoff Buttrum
After 4 ends both were playing well, but Geoff had a slim 4-3 lead. Hhe then picks up 3 more shots to go 7-3 up. Arthur replies with a 3 of his own, so going into the final end its 7-6 to Geoff. On the final end Arthur nicks a single so it's 7-7 all and extra end time. Two decent draws very close have Geoff in trouble but despite a great effort Arthur picks up 2 to win 9-7
Martyn Macdonald v Keith Cockings
This semi was vastly different Martyn was under pressure from the start as Keith was drawing within inches every time he was 7-0 after three ends. A further 2 and 4 saw Martyn shake hands after the 5th end 13-0.

Keith Cockings v Arthur Rosie
End 1: Keith is on the jack second bowl and takes a 3, 3-0 up.
End 2: Arthur finds the length this time but Keith's third is very close and he picks up a 1. 4-0.
End 3: Keith again has his draw shot on song and picks up another 3. 7-0.
End 4: Another single to Keith as Arthur struggles to get his weight correct. 8-0.
End 5, Keith is dominating this game with his close drawing and takes 2 more 10-0
End 6: Arthur needs to score and threads a great bowl between Keiths 2 woods to get on the board.10-1.
End 7: Arthur again finds the jack but needs a big count. He picks up 2 more to trail 10-3.
End 8: Keith is back in on the jack. He holds a 4 as Arthur cannot find his length, 14 -3 and its all over.
Keith takes the county Singles title for the third time.

Well done to all who helped on the day there were some really close matches and to all who stayed to watch the final on such a long day.