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Bedfordshire Fours 2014/15

Sunday 29th March saw 12 teams take part in the County Fours at Barton-le-Clay. The teams were split into two groups giving 5 matches each, with the top two from each group progressing into the Semi-Finals.

Group A
This looked like a strong group with the defending Champions from Clophill in it.

But after two games Clophill (G Savage) had not got a single point. Leading the way with 4 points were Turvey (K Cockings) who had thumped Colmworth (P Bol) 20 -1.

The third set of games saw Turvey play Toddington (D Whitfield). Toddington looked to have Turvey done for at 6-0 up with two ends to go but they lost two 3s and a draw left Turvey top with Toddington on their heels. After that the two teams then went undefeated to see Turvey finish on 9 points and Toddington runners up on 7.

Group B
This group was much closer. After three games it was anyone's to win as Clophill (A Speake), Colmworth (H Ball) and Cople (P Baynes) were all on 4 points.

Cople made a break for it by winning their last three games and topping the group on 8 points, but the runner-up spot was going to be very close as the 4 teams below all had 4 points. It was all about who could win and win well .

And it was the Colmworth (H Ball) rink who took a 10-1 win over Toddington (J Edwards) and finished runners-up on 6 points.

The Semi-Final draw gave us a repeat of the Group games with Cople (P Baynes) v Colmworth (H Ball) and Turvey (K Cockings) v Toddington (D Whitfield).

Cople v Colmworth
Colmworth opened up well with a two and a single to go 3-0 up. Cople then got into their stride and three singles saw the game tied up at 3-3. Cople then picked another single to go 4-3 up with an end to play. With the skips to go the jack was near the end of the mat but Colmworth were holding 3 shots as their skip played his first bowl only to take the jack off and hand victory to Cople 6-3.

Turvey v Toddington
After 4 ends Toddington had established a 6-1 lead and were in control. Turvey then picked a 3 up to get back in the game but then lost a 1 on the next end to make it 7-4 to Toddington with just the last end to play. And in a repeat of their group game the Turvey skip draws his last wood in for a 3!!!!, 7-7 and an extra end needed. The Turvey lead draws a front toucher and its never beaten. Turvey take the win 8-7.

Cople (Liz Morrison,Sally Harrison ,Melvyn & Pauline Baynes ) v Turvey (Mick Rogers, Sharon Hatton, Paul Hurren, Keith Cockings).
The final saw both group winners so it should be a good game.
End 1 - Both teams struggle on the fast mat but Turvey pick up a single 0-1.
End 2 - This is better as both teams settle in, but Turvey pick another single out 0-2.
End 3 - Cople hold 3 shots but Keith (Turvey skip) pushes the jack through and off, 2-2.
End 4 - With Turvey settling in now they pick a 3 up with Cople still struggling on the fast mat and nearly losing a player as Melvyn (C) decides to leave via fire exit!!!!!!!!!!!, 2-5.
End 5 - Again Turvey are in on the jack despite Pauline's (C) best efforts to move something. Another 2 to Turvey 2-7.
End 6 - Liz (Cople lead) finds the jack only to see it pushed back again. A good draw by Keith (T) sees Turvey pick up 2 more 2-9.
End 7 - This was wayward stuff. With most bowls behind the jack Turvey nick a 1 to go 2-10.
End 8 - With Cople needing a big count they push the jack to the side of the mat, but an excellent draw from Paul (T) and another two from Keith (T) sees the match over as Turvey take a 3 to give themselves an unassailable 2-13 lead.

Well done to both teams on being the most consistent on the day and congratulations to Turvey.

Bedfordshire Triples 2014/15

The County Triples took place on Sunday 22nd of February at Barton. The twenty teams were split into groups of five with top two in each group progressing to the knockout stages.

Group A
This looked a strong group but the Clophill (George Savage) team ran through the group unbeaten, although pushed by Colmworth (Peter Bol) who finished runner up on six points.
Group B
After a draw in their first match with Toddington, the defending champions Turvey (Keith Cockings) won the next three games and the group With draws galore amongst the other teams Barton (Pam Bartram) went into next round with five points.
Group C
This group was dominated by a mixed team, with Jake Wagsaff as skip, winning all their matches. Below them was a three way a fight for runner-up, but the Turvey (Sharon Hatton) team edged out Cotton End (Geoff Buttrum) by four shots.
Group D
Again one triple took control as Colmworth (Harold Ball) took maximum points with the others scrabbling to make the runner-up spot. As it was Maulden (Mike Hook) won their last game to progress.

Quarter Finals
Clophill (George Savage) played Maulden (Mike Hook). After losing a single on the first end the Clophill trio took complete control and won the next six ends to win 10 – 3.
Turvey (Keith Cockings) were playing Turvey (Sharon Hatton). This game was close all the way through and on the seventh end a measure was needed for shot, with the latter team picking up a pair to draw and force an extra end which went to the last wood. Turvey (Keith Cockings) went into the head but narrowly missed the shot bowl so it was Turvey (Sharon Hatton) into semis.
The mixed triple (Jake Wagstaff) never got a start and were six down to Barton (Pam Bartram) after three ends. They did pick up a four, but then shared the final two ends as Barton (Pam Bartram) won 10-5.
Finally it was Colmworth (Harold Ball) v Colmworth (Peter Bol). This saw the latter team romp into a 9-0 lead which they held to the end to run out 10-5 winners.

Semi Finals
Clophill(GS) v Turvey(SH)
The Turvey ladies never really got this mat having lost on it twice earlier on. By end four they were 11-0 down and despite picking up three shots it was Clophill who finished 13-3 winners.
Barton(PB) v Colmworth(PB)
This was very simila,r after Barton scored a single Colmworth picked up eleven unanswered shots to take the game 11-2 after another single to Barton.

Clophill (Susan Savage, Eilleen Palmer, George Savage) v Colmworth (Brenda Bol, Dorothy Chambers, Peter Bol).
Would this go the same way as their Group game????
End 1. A good start on the moved mat. Colmworth nick a single 0-1.
End 2. This end was a mystery as Clophill were appalling, with bowls all over the place. Colmworth take a three to lead 0-4
End 3. Clophill settle and pick up a single 1-4.
End 4. Clophill in again but a decent bowl from the Colmworth skip proves decisive and they take another single 1-5.
End 5. This time Colmworth go awol and Clophill pick up a four game on now!!!!! 5-5.
End 6. Ragged again as no wood is within 18’’ of the jack, but Colmworth have a single 5-6.
End 7. A much tighter end sees Clophill pick a single up after George declines to play his last bowl 6-6.
End 8 .This end was bizzare as Eilleen (Trick Shot) Palmer wicks across the head and lands on the jack with her skip flapping about the weight. Colmworth are unable to reply as George (Chicken) Savage draws a second to take the lead 8-6.
End 9. Susan nails the jack. Despite all Colmworths efforts a nudge from Georges final wood sees Peter in trouble and Clophill pick up a single to win 9-6.

Another great day's play and congratulations to Clophill and to Susan and George on their second county title this season.

Bedfordshire Pairs 2014/15

Sunday 25th January saw 30 pairs take part at Barton le Clay. They were split into groups of 5 with the winners and best two runners-up going through.

Group A
Saw last year’s runners-up Hurren/Cockings (Turvey) ease through after beating the Merediths (Clophill) in their first match and losing to A Denton (Toddington) in their final game yet again!
Group B
This went to the final game with the Savages of Clophill nicking the group with five points, one ahead of three pairs on 4 points.
Group C
This was a close affair with the Simms from Clophill just being piped on shot difference by the Haynes pair of Gray/Tumber, the Simms were also through as runners up
Group D
This group was dominated by the Balls of Colmworth and the Lovells, both finishing on 7 points the Balls won on shot difference, but also through were the Lovells as. best runner-up.
Group E
Was again close but previous winners Nunn/Rixon from Barton took a final match win to progress into next round a point ahead of three pairs.
Group F
Was also two pair shoot out between Toddington's O'Brien and the Turvey pair Richardson/Rogers, the later winning on shot difference.

Quarter Finals
The first quarter final was a repeat of last years final between Hurren/Cockings (T) and Nunn/Rixon (B) this was close all the way and 6 all after 6 ends, but a tap on the Barton pairs wood saw Turvey take 2 shots and proceed into Semi Final.

The second saw the Savages (Clp) take on Richardson/Rogers (T). And it was one-way traffic as the Turvey pair picked only a single on the first end against 5 singles to the Clophill pair to ease to a 5-1 victory.

Gray/Tumber (H) played the Lovells (Clp) and this again went one way as the Clophill pair ran out 6-2 winners.

The last Quarter was again very close with an extra end deciding it the Simms (Clp), edging out the Balls from Colmworth 6-5
Semi Finals
The first Semi was a Clophill affair, and with the more consistent bowls the Lovells only lost a couple on the first and last ends but scored 8 in between to run out 8-4 winners.

The second saw the Savages (Clp) v Hurren/Cockings (T). The game was 3-3 after four ends with shots were being traded with every wood, but the Clophill duo managed three singles on the last 3 ends to win 6-3.

The Final
It was Clophill v Clophill with Pam & Pete Lovell versus Sue & George Savage.
End 1
This was wild end for both but George manages to get 2 shots closer than the rest, 0-2.
End 2
Similar fashion, as the Savage pair settle and pick up a second 2 to go 0-4.
End 3
Pam finds the jack with two perfect bowls and despite George's efforts they take a single 1-4.
End 4
George and Sue are now firing and pick up a huge 5 to go 1-9 up.
End 5
Another single to Sue and George 1-10
End 6
Can the Lovells pick up a few here? They hold but George nicks it with his last wood 1-11.
End 7
Big count needed by the Lovells, they try and manage a 2, 3-11. They need a big end now.
End 8
Sue gets a close wood that proved difficult to beat and the single gives them the title as the couples shake hands with an end to spare, 3-12.

Well done to our winners Sue & George Savage and well done to all on an excellent day's play.

Bedfordshire Singles 2014/15

On Sunday 9th October, 40 singles took part to find the Bedfordshire Champion at Barton.

Eight groups were drawn and with the group winner only going through it was going to be a day of competitive bowling.

Group A saw Carol Still of Barton go through with a consistent performance of three wins and a draw although Gill Whitfield and Ann Speake pushed hard.

Group B was a tough group five strong players both George Savage and Harold Ball finishing on 6 pts but Harold sneaked through by two shots.

Group C, another close one saw undefeated Pauline Baynes pip Patricia Ball and Arthur Rosie by a point .

Group D was close and went to the last game Mark Walker winning to overtake Jim Richardson and Melvyn Baynes.

Group E was closest of the day Mike Walker and Ann Denton both on 7 points level on shot difference, so shots for decided it, and Ann was one better.

Group F saw Keith Cockings go though undefeated although Brenda Bol pushed him all the way.

Group G Peter Bol progressed with 7 points after a deciding match with Doreen Mitchell ended in a draw.

Group H was dominated by Neil Tuckey and Paul Hurren both on six points after Neil lost to Paul. Paul's final game saw him lose so it went to shot difference and Neil took the group, but he has inexplicably gone! So Paul is through to the Quarter Finals.

Quarter Finals
Carol Still (Barton) 1 v Ann Denton (Toddington) 7. Ann eased to a comfortable win over Carol by picking up ones and twos to draw away.

Harold Ball (Colmworth) 2 v Keith Cockings (Turvey) 11. Keith went off to a flyer picking up two fours Harold never got into the game after that and an early hand shake on the sixth end.

Pauline Baynes (Cople) 3 v Peter Bol (Colmworth) 9. Pauline starts with a pair on first end but from then on Pete picks up shots and eases away.

Mark Walker (Barton) 2 v Paul Hurren (Turvey) 10. Paul starts well picking up shots on first three ends Mark then takes a two, but it was all Paul from then on and the game finished on sixth end.

Semi Finals
Peter Bol 1 v Paul Hurren 11. Peter never gets going in this game and Paul picks up shots regularly and takes the match with a comfortable win.

Ann Denton 6 v Keith Cockings 5 (after an extra end). This match went one way and another on a carpet that certainly wasn’t easy having been moved. They were 5 a piece after seven ends and the extra end saw all the drama. Ann draws close with her second bowl and trying the difficult hand Keith narrowly misses picking up the jack. Ann covers the back with her last wood. After a long think keith plays a running bowl hits Ann's wood and stays with it. It’s a measure.... and the brown is in by two millimetres.

Ann Denton v Paul Hurren
End 1 - A good start from both but Paul takes a single 0-1
End 2 - Ann is close in and picks up a full house to go 4-1 up
End 3 - Paul is back in picking up a pair to go one behind 4-3
End 4 - Paul is into this now as he picks up 3 shots and leads 4-6
End 5 - Playing really well now Paul has another 2 to go 4-8 up
End 6 - Paul is holding three Ann plays into the head unfortunately taking the jack off 4-10
End 7 - Ann is holding two as Paul cuts it to 1. Ann needs to move jack, which she manages to do, only to see the jack go off again 4-12
End 8 - Paul picks up two more to win 4-14 and take the title
Well done to both Ann was very consistent through the day and well done to Paul 'I cant play Singles' Hurren.