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Welcome to the English Carpet Bowls Association website.

Festival of Carpet Bowls

13-17 May 2019

If you would like to find out about clubs near you, if you would like any assistance in setting up a club or league, or if you have any questions about carpet bowls, please contact us at ecba [at] englishcarpetbowls.com.

And if you would like to find out more about the game and how to play it, you can now watch our video.

2019 Festival of Bowls
23rd January 2019
Information on how to book for the upcoming Festival.

2018 National Championships
12th November 2018
Suffolk hold off Hertfordshire to take a 6th straight title.

2018 ECBA Triples
16th September 2018
Over (Cambridgeshire) beat Stanstead Abbotts (Hertfordshire) to take the title.

Around the World
31st July 2018
Report from New Zealand, and Norway introduce the game to Lithuania.

2018 Champion of Champions
4rd June 2018
Hertfordshire win four of the five trophies on offer, with Suffolk picking up the other one.

2018 Festival of Bowls
23rd January 2019
Suffolk and New Zealand share the trophies.

2018 International Match
18th May 2018
New Zealand triumph in the first ever Carpet Bowls International match.

2018 ECBA Rinks
25th May 2018
This year the Rinks trophy heads back to Durham.

Carpet Bowls In Europe

2015 saw a number of developments involving countries outside the UK.
How to Play

If you want to know more about Carpet Bowls and how to play the game, you can now watch our video.
Where to Play

If you are interested in playing Carpet Bowls we have links and contacts for our member counties.
Playing Rules

Across the country there are non-affiliated clubs who have adopted different rules. We take a look at one such set.
Equipment For Sale

Find out what equipment is currently for sale and how to let us know if you have anything to sell.
Equipment Wanted

Requests for help in obtaining equipment.
ECBA Committee

Minutes of meetings and AGMs
ECBA Policies & Rules

ECBA Constitution, Competition Rules and Policies (including the Code of Conduct)